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Pigment Brown 25

Supply of high-grade organic pigment brown 25 (Toner, toner high temperature, high performance pigments)The index number; C.I.P.BR 25CAS No:. 6992-11-6Corresponding foreign brands: BASF RFClariant sha···


Supply of high-grade organic pigment brown 25 (Toner, toner high temperature, high performance pigments)
The index number; C.I.P.BR 25
CAS No:. 6992-11-6
Corresponding foreign brands: BASF RF
Clariant shade: red brown
Temperature: 250 degrees
Light: 8
Characteristics: excellent light fastness, heat resistance, solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance and processing application performance
Packaging: 25 kg / bag
Uses: mainly used in coatings, printing inks and plastics, such as automotive primer (OEM), repair paint can also be used polyacrylonitrile and PP spun coloring. Also used for dyeing leather (leather paste) and other areas