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A high quality organic pigment - Perylene red pigment Red 179


Perylene Red 179 is a top product with excellent quality and performance. Its main applications include plastics, fiber drawing, children's toys, food packaging and ink printing.


Perylene Red pigment Red 179 is a high-end perylene red series of organic pigments, its unique performance and quality not only to provide you with excellent color effect, but also to ensure the product's fast, heat and migration performance. In addition, its PH value is 6-7, light resistance reaches 8, and heat resistance is as high as 300 ° C, which is enough to cope with a variety of complex use environments. Perylene Red pigment Red 179 is a bright color, strong stability, is your choice to produce high quality products.

In order to better understand the performance and characteristics of perylene Red pigment Red 179, we have prepared a series of data and information for you. First of all, its color is extremely bright, rich chromatography, can meet a variety of color needs. Second, perylene red pigment red 179 has excellent sun resistance, heat resistance and migration resistance, which can maintain a stable color in a variety of harsh environments. In addition, its PH value is 6-7, which is close to the pH of human skin, greatly reducing possible skin irritation. Perylene red pigment Red 179 also has good light resistance and will not fade when exposed to sunlight for a long time.

Finally, we remind you to pay attention to the quality and performance of the product when choosing pigments. Perylene Red pigment Red 179 is a high-quality organic pigment that you can trust with its outstanding performance and quality. If necessary, please feel free to contact us and look forward to providing you with more detailed and professional help and services.