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A little-known perylene pigment


Here, let me recommend a little known perylene pigment for you. Perylene pigments, due to the stability of their molecular structure, have the highest light and weather resistance and the temperature resistance of other organic pigments. This means that perylene pigments are not only suitable for outdoor painting, but also can be applied in high temperature environments, and are the ideal pigment choice for automotive repair paints and automotive original paints.


In addition to excellent weather resistance, perylene pigments also have excellent coloring and hiding power. This allows them to produce richer color effects in automotive refinish paints and automotive original paints, while ensuring coating quality. In addition, perylene pigments also have very good leveling performance, making the surface of the paint film smoother and improving the beauty of the vehicle.

The unique performance of perylene pigments is not limited to automotive painting. With the progress of science and technology, perylene pigments are also gradually used in other decorative effect paints, metal effect paints and logo paints. This means that car owners can enjoy a richer variety of car beauty options, so that their cars are full of personality and stand out.

Today, let this little-known perylene pigment add color to your car. Excellent quality, extraordinary durability, let your car shine in the sun. Come and buy, let your car become a beautiful scenery!