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Pigment Yellow 150

Pigment yellow 150Cable quotes; C.I.P.Y150Chemical category: heterocyclic ringNo. CAS: 25157-64-6Foreign corresponding brand: Fast Yellow 4G HelioColor: dark yellow greenTemperature resistance: 250 de···


The supply of high-grade organic pigment yellow 150 (toner, toner, high temperature resistant high performance pigments)
Pigment yellow 150
Cable quotes; C.I.P.Y150
Chemical category: heterocyclic ring
No. CAS: 25157-64-6
Foreign corresponding brand: Fast Yellow 4G Helio
Color: dark yellow green
Temperature resistance: 250 degrees
Fast: 7-8
Characteristics: neutral dark yellow, excellent light fastness, good tinting strength
Packing: 25 kg / bag
Uses: mainly used in plastic and paint, paint, ink color