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Pigment Yellow 180

​Supply of high-grade organic pigment yellow 180Pigment Yellow 180HGIndex number; C.I.P.Y180CAS No. :77804-81-0Corresponding foreign brands: PV Fast HG ClariantShade: Green YellowTemperature 280 degr···


Supply of high-grade organic pigment yellow 180

Pigment Yellow 180HG
Index number; C.I.P.Y180
CAS No. :77804-81-0
Corresponding foreign brands: PV Fast HG Clariant
Shade: Green Yellow
Temperature 280 degrees, light 7 to 8
Features: has excellent light fastness, heat resistance, solvent resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance and processing application performance.
Packaging: 25 kg / bag
Uses: mainly used for high-grade paint, ink, plastic (PS PO ABS PVC PC PBT), rubber and synthetic coloring coloring puree