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Pigment Blue BGS

​Supply Pigment Blue BGS (toner, toner high temperature, high performance pigments)Index number; C.I.P.B.15: 3CAS No.: 147-14-8Corresponding foreign brands: phthalocyanine blue BGS 15:3Shade: light g···


Supply Pigment  Blue BGS (toner, toner high temperature, high performance pigments)

Index number; C.I.P.B.15: 3
CAS No.: 147-14-8
Corresponding foreign brands: phthalocyanine blue BGS 15:3
Shade: light green blue
Temperature: 200 degrees
Fast :7-8
Features: has excellent light fastness, heat resistance, solvent resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance, and process application performance
Packaging: 25 kg / bag
Uses: mainly used in ink (water-based ink, solvent ink, offset ink, Printing inks), pigment paste, rubber, high-grade automotive paint, outdoor paint, powder coatings, leather, artificial leather, plastic, paint color and a variety of high-quality resin (PVC, PE, PS, ABS, PO) coloring, linoleum, art paints, stationery, masterbatch coloring,coloring can also be used for spinning, with good durability and thermal stability