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Pigment Green 7

Supply Pigment Green 7 (toner, high temperature pigments, high performance pigments)Index number; C.I.P.G.7CAS No.: 1328-53-6Corresponding foreign brands: phthalocyanine greenShade: light greenTempera···


Supply Pigment Green 7 (toner, high temperature pigments, high performance pigments)
Index number; C.I.P.G.7
CAS No.: 1328-53-6
Corresponding foreign brands: phthalocyanine green
Shade: light green
Temperature: 200 degrees
Fast :7-8
Features: phthalocyanine green G, phthalocyanine pigments in organic is the best quality green pigment widely used in coatings, paints, plastics fields, with high durability and stability, high tinting strength, bright color, etc.
Packaging: 25 kg / bag
Uses: mainly used for offset printing ink plastic, can also be used for water-based inks, industrial coatings and printing paints, coatings and powder coatings